Why are Australians choosing Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaners are increasingly becoming the first option of choice among Australian households in meeting their natural cleaning needs, and the reasons for this are not farfetched.  They are beginning to realize the health advantages and ease that steam cleaning offers them relative to its alternatives, and these include:

  1. It has many uses: A good number of Australians find steam cleaning a good option to their cleaning needs for the fact that it has different cleaning needs it could be applied.
  2. Steam cleaning is Eco-friendly: This is one of the main reasons why many Australians are loving steam cleaning – having to do your clean with no need for all the harmful and toxic chemicals, just water, is an exciting experience for many. Not many people find washing chemicals friendly to handle, especially around children and pets. The steam cleaner is Eco-friendly… and you will love it too.
  3. Steam cleaning is fast: Many Australians found out that no matter what they use a steam cleaner to clean, they end up with a quick washing experience, unlike the alternatives.
  4. Kills germs and bacteria: Steam cleaning produces up to 175°C which is hot enough to kill all manners of germs and bacteria. It is generally agreed that steam cleaning kills 99.99% of germs.
  5. It is fast and easy: Yes, many Australians are finding steam cleaning for their house cleaning need to be quite quick and easy to use.
  6. It gets rid of mold: When mold starts to build around the house, it can cause quite a lot of serious problems; however, the heat from steam cleaning kills the mold easily.

Now you that you have seen why many Australians are embracing steam cleaning, I am sure you will want to give it a try too. Of course, you should if you are not already using it for your cleaning needs. Below you can see the different uses that you could apply steam cleaning for your cleaning needs.

Different uses of steam cleaning

You can use a steam cleaner to clean a variety of items such as carpet, ovens, tiles, granite, marble, concrete, curtains and the number just goes on. Let us look into a few of them in more details.

  • Carpet Cleaning: steam cleaning carpet is the most widely used technique in rejuvenating worn carpet, it involves the power of steam to penetrate through carpet fibers at over 150 degrees Celsius. It is important to use carpet cleaning professionals as improper carpet cleaning can lead to water stagnation, mold growth and health implications.
  • Cleaning the oven: cleaning the oven is one task not many enjoy doing. Though there are many oven sprays, they are quite toxic most times and often leave you with the smell when used. So, using a steamer has become an excellent alternative to many.
  • Hard floors: steam cleaning has been found by many to be useful in the cleaning of tiled floors, helping to kill the bacteria that detergent and cloth wouldn’t be able to penetrate. The hot steam from a steam cleaner, help in cleaning grout between tiles.
  • Chairs and sofas: if your steam cleaner comes with an upholstery attachment, you can always use it to give your sofas and chairs that clean look that will ever make your home look welcoming.
  • Windows: your steaming machine serves the absolute need for cleaning your window unlike using a cloth that may allow liquid to rundown surfaces and can leave streaks behind.

The list of uses associated with steam cleaners is simply inexhaustible, as you have seen, there are lots of advantages to steam cleaning and many uses to which steam cleaning could be applied.

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Natural Beauty Consumer Trends in Australia

The beauty industry has seen an increase in sales of ‘trendy’ and natural looking products.  Consumers are becoming more interested in what they put in their bodies and how it affects their appearance. According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) legislation, beauty and appearance based claims can’t be made about ingestible products unless they are registered as therapeutic products. This will prevent a food-type product from triggering beauty claims in Australia, but will also protect consumers from unjustified supplements if science fails otherwise.

Instead, consumers are increasingly keen to try personal beauty products that contain super food ingredients on their skin. Examples include Quinoa and Acai extracts in face and hair products for a variety of benefits. Australia also is seeing a rise in pro-biotic use in personal beauty products spreading rapidly across Europe and also in Australia.

The use of ‘natural’ beauty product has had continued growth over the last decade and is not set to stop anytime soon. The popularity of ‘natural’ ingredients as consumers seeks to balance a hectic lifestyle with natural beauty care choices. This meant an explosion of natural extract and oil raw material choices for cosmetic companies for greater consumer choice with excellent skin feel and efficacy data. Look for ‘clinically proven’ results in marketing claims for enhanced performance in natural products.

Excessive use of the word “organic” in product marketing, which has made it difficult to distinguish between truly organic and semi-synthetic products with a low organic contribution. If you are really interested in the organic content for beauty products, look for the seal of a bio-certification like COSMOS or the percentage biologics entry near the list of ingredients to find out how the product should be organic.

“Home” spa treatments are on the rise: Using luxury products to rejuvenate a spa experience is more popular than ever, as consumers use the spa experience “at home” to improve their Perceived lifestyle balances despite busy lifestyles. Salons and beauty houses are increasingly collecting these home spa treatments for use between visits.

Sweat-proof makeup is another huge trend that leads to Australia. This includes makeup, which is maintained even when the user sweats a lot, so that it can still be beautiful and also “selfie-ready”; during and after your exercise routine without taking a shower and applying the product again. As our lifestyles get busier than ever, being able to go from workout to work with less downtime is becoming increasingly important! These products are formulated with breathable film formers but are easy to remove with conventional make-up removers.

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